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MSDS Translation

Need an MSDS translated to another language? We translate MSDS for you from English or German into 34 different languages. The MSDS are done according to CLP, OSHA or GHS guidelines depending on the region the MSDS is used for. The most current information is directly drawn from ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The following languages are available: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish Brazilian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Turkish, Bahasan Malay, Indonesian, Chinese [Simplified], Chinese [Traditional], Japanese, Korean, Thai Costs: 1 MSDS can be translated for 80 $ within 5 working […]

Statistics December 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in December 2018: Amoxicillin, Pregabalin, Rivaroxaban, L-Selenomethionine, Mifepristone, Nadifloxacin, Rifaximin, Nalidixic Acid, Ibuprofen, Esomeprazole, Nabilone, Piracetam, Dabigatran, Zilpaterol, Empagliflozin, Dydrogesterone, Ethaverine, Norfloxacin, Cefdinir, Eribulin

Statistics November 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in November 2018: Rivaroxaban, Empagliflozin, Amoxicillin, Dabigatran, Paracetamol, Ethaverine, Rifaximin, Ibuprofen, Dexibuprofen, Cefdinir, Eribulin, Nadifloxacin, L-Selenomethionine, Arsenic Trioxide, Mifepristone, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Pregabalin, Sacubitril, Nabilone, Valsartan

Statistics October 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in October 2018: Amoxicillin, Rifaximin, Vitamin K2, Mifepristone, Rivaroxaban, Empagliflozin, Paracetamol, Pregabalin, Dydrogesterone, Nabilone, Ibuprofen, Zilpaterol, Ethaverine, L-Selenomethionine, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Eribulin, Bromhexine, Cefdinir, Chlorpromazine, Entecavir

Statistics September 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in September 2018: Amoxicillin, Albendazole Dabigatran, Rifaximin, Levodropropizine, Empagliflozin, Vitamin K2, Valsartan Nadifloxacin, Rivaroxaban, Dydrogesterone, Eribulin, Mefenamic Acid, Mifepristone, Nabilone, Paracetamol, Chlorpromazine, Ethaverine, Cefdinir, Ibuprofen

Statistics August 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in August 2018: Amoxicillin, Pregabalin, Dydrogesterone, Vitamin K2, Cefdinir, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Mifepristone, Metformin, Rifaximin, Valsartan, Zilpaterol, Empagliflozin, Ethaverine, Nabilone, Chlorpromazine, Nadifloxacin, Tinidazole, Dabigatran, Abacavir, Eribulin

Statistics July 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in July 2018: Amoxicillin, Valsartan, Rifaximin, Vitamin K2, Mifepristone, Baclofen, Chlorpromazine, Paracetamol, Pregabalin, Metformin, Eribulin, Dabigatran, Dydrogesterone, Nabilone, Empagliflozin, Cefdinir, Zilpaterol, L-Selenomethionine, Budesonide, Diquafosol Tetrasodium

Statistics June 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in June 2018: Amoxicillin, Rifaximin, Mifepristone, Empagliflozin, Rivaroxaban, Paracetamol, Zilpaterol, Ibuprofen, Vitamin K2, Ethaverine, L-Selenomethionine, Nabilone, Nadifloxacin, Chlorpromazine, Baclofen, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Metformin, Eribulin, Nifuroxazide, Nicotine Sulfate 40%

Statistics May 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in May 2018: Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen, Rifaximin, Ethaverine, Empagliflozin, Dydrogesterone, Zilpaterol, Chlorpromazine, Mifepristone, Paracetamol, Rivaroxaban, L-Selenomethionine, Nabilone, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Cefdinir, Nadifloxacin, Oseltamivir, Eribulin, Abacavir, Alfatradiol

Statistics April 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in April 2018: Amoxicillin, Chlorpromazine, Rifaximin, Nabilone, Vitamin K2, Dydrogesterone, L-Selenomethionine, Ethaverine, Mifepristone, Zilpaterol, Empagliflozin, Paracetamol, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Piracetam, Dabigatran, Nadifloxacin, Rivaroxaban, Micafungin, Pizotifen,  Cefdinir

Statistics March 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in March 2018: Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen, Zilpaterol, Rifaximin, Empagliflozin, Mifepristone, Ethaverine, Chlorpromazine, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, L-Selenomethionine, Nabilone, Nadifloxacin, Vitamin K2, Amlodipine, Hydromorphone, Eribulin, Rivaroxaban, Netilmicin, Paracetamol, Pregabalin

Statistics February 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in February 2018: Amoxicillin, Rifaximin, Mifepristone, Ibuprofen, L-Selenomethionine, Eribulin, Hydromorphone, Nadifloxacin, Vitamin K2, Zilpaterol, Empagliflozin, Pregabalin, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Ethaverine, Nabilone, Alogliptin, Chlorpromazine, Doxylamine, Cicletanine, Dabigatran

Statistics January 2018

The top 20 searched APIs in January 2018: Amoxicillin, Vitamin K2, Empagliflozin, Rifaximin, Pregabalin, Dabigatran, Mifepristone, L-Selenomethionine, Ibuprofen, Abacavir, Dydrogesterone, Diquafosol Tetrasodium, Eribulin, Nadifloxacin, Vardenafil, Zilpaterol, Amlodipine, Chlorpromazine, Hydromorphone, Naproxen

Statistics 2017 Overall

The top 20 searched APIs in 2017 overall:   Amoxicillin, Empagliflozin, Ibuprofen, Mifepristone, Ethaverine, Rifaximin, Dydrogesterone, Nabilone, Paracetamol, L-Selenomethionine, Chlorpromazine, Zilpaterol, Hydromorphone, Abacavir Nadifloxacin, Amlodipine, Dabigatran, Pregabalin, Rivaroxaban, Bazedoxifene

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new added APIs

new APIs added to the Database in February 2018: Adalimumab, Arformoterol Tartrate, Bevacizumab, Denosumab, Indacaterol Maleate, Indoramin Hydrochloride, Infliximab, Interferon beta-1a, Nicardipine HCl, Phenformin HCl, Sulfapyridine, Sulfaquinoxaline, Tiotropium Bromide Hemihydrate

Statistics October 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in October 2017: Amoxicillin, Vitamin K2, Pregabalin, Chlorpromazine, Empagliflozin, Dydrogesterone, Mifepristone, Rifaximin, Hydromorphone, Fluconazole, Ethaverine, Nabilone, Nadifloxacin, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Amlodipine, L-Selenomethionine, Piracetam, Rivaroxaban, Nicotine synthetic  

Statistics September 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in September 2017: Vitamin K2, Empagliflozin, Lincomycin, Ethaverine, Diquafosol, Dydrogesterone, L-Selenomethionine, Mifepristone, Pregabalin, Zilpaterol,   Dabigatran, Ibuprofen, Arsenic Trioxide, Azelastine, Bazedoxifene, Eribulin, Nadifloxacin, Dexlansoprazole, Fomepizole, Nabilone

Statistics August 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in August 2017: Empagliflozin, Ibuprofen, Mifepristone, Ethaverine, Dydrogesterone, Hyoscine, L-Selenomethionine, Nabilone, Paracetamol, Arsenic Trioxide, Dabigatran, Levetiracetam, Piracetam, Fomepizole, Nadifloxacin, Hydromorphone, Naloxone, Bazedoxifene, Alogliptin, Cefdinir  

Statistics July 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in July 2017: Abacavir, Amoxicillin, Empagliflozin, Febantel, Ibuprofen, Bazedoxifene, Ethaverine, Mifepristone, L-Selenomethionine, Nabiolone, Nitazoxanide, Dabigatran, Rifaximin, Naloxone, Zilpaterol, Bazedoxifene, Hydromorphone, Levetiracetam, Nadifloxacin, Piracetam

Statistics June 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in June 2017: Empagliflozin, Mifepristone, Amoxicillin, Nadifloxacin, Rifaximin, Zilpaterol, Budesonide, Mirtazapine, Nabiolone, Bazedoxifene, L-Selenomethionine, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, Rivaroxaban, Chlorpromazine, Diquafosol Tetrasodium. Ethaverine, Tranexamic Acid, Arsenic Trioxide, Brivaracetam

Statistics May 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in May 2017: Empagliflozin, Dydrogesterone,  Amoxicillin, Mifepristone, Nabiolone, Dabigatran, Ibuprofen, Nadifloxacin, Ethaverine, Rifaximin, Zilpaterol, Levetiracetam, Bazedoxifene, Cariprazine, Chlorpromazine, Naloxone, Rivaroxaban, Canagliflozin, Ciprofloxacin, Hydromorphone

new APIs added

new APIs added to the Database in June 2017: Brivaracetam, Codeine Monohydrate, Diamorphine, Difenoxin Edrophonium Chloride, Etorphine, Fentanyl HCl, Halofantrine HCl, Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate, Morphine Tartrate, Oldaterol, Robenidine HCl, Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate

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Statistics April 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in April 2017: Hydromorphone, Ibuprofen, Losartan, Mifepristone, Paracetamol, Empagliflozin, Amlodipine, Ospemifene,  Chlorpromazine, Dabigatran, L-Selenomethionine, Citicoline, Dydrogesterone,  Nadifloxacin, Nabiolone, Venlafaxine, Abacavir, Netilmicin, Eplerenone, Pirfenidone

Statistics March 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in March 2017: Hydromorphone, Ibuprofen, Losartan, Empagliflozin, Paracetamol, Ospemifene,  Chlorpromazine, Mifepristone, Amlodipine, Dabigatran,  Nadifloxacin, Ethaverine, Nabiolone, Rivaroxaban, Venlafaxine, L-Selenomethionine, Pregabalin, Cefdinir, Citicoline, Fenspiride

Statistics February 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in February 2017: Ibuprofen,  Dydrogesterone, Paracetamol, Empagliflozin, Thiocolchicoside, Ibuprofen DC 100, Daclatasvir, Ethaverine, Isoflupredone Acetate, Pirfenidone, Tavaborole, Zotepine, Amoxicillin, Nabiolone, Rivaroxaban, Alizapride, Dantrolene, Scopolamine, Terizidone, Chlorpromazine

Statistics January 2017

The top 20 searched APIs in January 2017: Ibuprofen,  Amoxicillin, Abacavir, Mirtazapine, Empagliflozin, Naloxone, Paracetamol, Nabiolone, Dydrogesterone, Rivaroxaban, Ethaverine, Indacaterol, Cefdinir,  Pregabalin, Budesonide, Fexofenadine HCl, Fluconazole, Oxyclozanide, Pregabalin, Piracetam

Statistics December 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in December 2016: Fexofenadine HCl, Amoxicillin, Ibuprofen,  Abacavir, Dabigatran, Empagliflozin, Rifaximin, Fluconazole,  Chlorpromazine, Bazedoxifene,  Dydrogesterone, Paracetamol, Diquafosol,  Indacaterol, Nabiolone, Oxyclozanide, Amlodipine, Budesonide, Candesartan, Eribulin

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Statistics November 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in November 2016: Ibuprofen,  Amoxicillin, Metergoline, Abacavir, Rifaximin, Cefdinir, Diquafosol,  Chlorpromazine, Fluconazole,  Heparin, Nabiolone, Empagliflozin, Acenocoumarol, Bazedoxifene, Dydrogesterone, Rivaroxaban, Amikacin, Baclofen, Cariprazine, Eptifibatide

Statistics October 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in October 2016: Cefdinir, Rifaximin, Diquafosol,  Empagliflozin, Mifepristone, Omeprazole, Ibuprofen,  Pregabalin, Atenolol, Metergoline, Chlorpromazine, Permethrin, Esomeprazole, Piracetam, Amoxicillin, L-Selenomethionine, Nadifloxacin, Rivaroxaban, Zilpaterol, Abacavir

Statistics September 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in September 2016: Cefdinir, Mifepristone, Diquafosol,  Pregabalin, Empagliflozin, Spiramycin, Mefenamic Acid, Rifaximin, Cariprazine, Ethaverine,  Metergoline,  Abacavir, Fomepizole, Venlafaxine, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen,  Nabilone, Bazedoxifene, Levetiracetam, Rivaroxaban

Statistics August 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in August 2016: Mirtazapine, Cefdinir, Metergoline,  Empagliflozin, Mifepristone, Pregabalin, Diquafosol,  Rifaximin, Nabilone, Baclofen,    Paliperidone, Ciprofloxacin, Dexlansoprazole, Paracetamol, Cariprazine, Ibuprofen,  L-Selenomethionine, Sodium Valproate, Bazedoxifene, Ethaverine, 

Statistics July 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in July 2016: Empagliflozin, Ethaverine,  Mifepristone, Diquafosol,  Nabilone, Rivaroxaban, Bazedoxifene, Hydromorphone, Nadifloxacin, Fomepizole, Cefdinir, Pregabalin, Rifaximin, Amlodipine,  Baclofen, Nitazoxanide, Zilpaterol, Netilmicin, Metergoline,  Nicotine

Statistics June 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in June 2016: Empagliflozin, Mifepristone, Fomepizole,  Ethaverine,  Rifaximin, Nabilone, Bazedoxifene, Pregabalin, Diquafosol,  Nicotine, Ibrutinib, Cefdinir, Nadifloxacin, Nitazoxanide, Zilpaterol, Rivaroxaban, Netilmicin, Cicletanine, Metergoline,  Ospemifene

Statistics May 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in May 2016: Empagliflozin, Ethaverine,  Nabilone, Fomepizole,  Netilmicin, Mifepristone, Rifaximin, Bazedoxifene, Diquafosol,  Zilpaterol, Nadifloxacin, Nitazoxanide, Barnidipine,  Rivaroxaban, Cefdinir, Pregabalin, Alogliptin, Gefitinib, Nicotine, Cicletanine,

Statistics April 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in April 2016: Ethaverine,   Empagliflozin, Fomepizole,   Zilpaterol, Nabilone, Nadifloxacin, Ibuprofen, Rifaximin, Baclofen, Hydromorphone, Netilmicin, Nitazoxanide, Barnidipine,  Mifepristone, Gefitinib, Rivaroxaban, Esomeprazole, Pregabalin, Alogliptin, Nicotine

Statistics March 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in March 2016: Ethaverine,  Empagliflozin, Mifepristone, Zilpaterol, Hydromorphone, Rifaximin, Barnidipine,  Rivaroxaban, Cicletanine, Fomepizole,  Nabilone, Netilmicin, Nitazoxanide, Nicotine, Baclofen,  Nadifloxacin, Alogliptin, Diquafosol,  L-Selenomethionine, Gefitinib

Statistics February 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in February 2016: Rifaximin, Ethaverine,  Budesonide, Mifepristone, Barnidipine,  Cicletanine, Empagliflozin, Bazedoxifene, Zilpaterol, Hydromorphone,   Fomepizole,  Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Nabilone, Taurolidine, L-Selenomethionine, Cefdinir,  Nadifloxacin, Netilmicin, Nitazoxanide  

Statistics January 2016

The top 20 searched APIs in January 2016: Rifaximin, Empagliflozin, Cefuroxime Axetil,  Hydromorphone, Amlodipine, Ethaverine,  Diquafosol, Dydrogesterone, Iron Sucrose, Rivaroxaban, Ursodeoxycholic Acid, Zilpaterol, Bazedoxifene, Mifepristone, Tranexamic Acid, Cicletanine, L-Selenomethionine, Pregabalin,  Barnidipine,  Cefdinir