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Bills Biotech is WHO-GMP certified bio pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing of various Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) based on fermentation based technology. Equipped with an ultra-modern fermentation facility, supported by top of the line R&D for strain improvement and process optimization, we offer APIs wide therapeutic segments including topical antibiotics, anti-obesity and immune-suppressants.
Bills Biotech is a professionally managed, science-driven Bio-Pharmaceutical company focused manufacturing on Biological Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).
Bills Biotech is a WHO-GMP approved and cGMP compliant manufacturing facility with well equipped analytical Laboratories. We already have Written Confirmation for Mupirocin and Mupirocin Calcium and are now proceeding for CEP and other international filings.
Our current product range includes; Orlistat, Tacrolimus, Mupirocin, Mupirocin Calcium, Cyclosporine (Ciclosporin) etc. We are ready with the DMF for the Tacrolimus, Mupirocin & Mupirocin calcium.


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