Methenamine Mandelate


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Address:Acme Plaza, Andheri - Kurla Rd
Andheri (E)
ZIP and City:Mumbai - 400059
Sales Contact: 
    Name: Chetan Bagul
    Phone:+91 98 33 16 64 61

Company Description:
Sun Pharma's API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) program began in 1995 to facilitate the manufacture of complex formulations and products for which complete vertical integration would help the business. APIs are currently manufactured at nine plants, including locations in Hungary, US and Israel. Technical capabilities and dedicated sites to make complex API such as anticancers, peptides, sex hormones and controlled substances are an important feature of our API business.

Starting with 2 actives in 1995, our API list has since expanded to over 200, and this includes a number of APIs with regulated market approvals such as US and European drug master files (DMFs). Every year we scale up about 25 APIs, and make a large number of fillings based on the technology we develop at our research center. A range of APIs including complex actives like anticancer, steroids, peptides and hormones are manufactured in dedicated areas that follow international norms for systems and processes.