Address:19th Floor, 98, Huam-ro, Jung-gu
ZIP and City:04637, Seoul
Country:South Korea
Sales Contact: 
    Name:SunTae Hwang

Company Description:
· Tel / Fax: +82-2-2021-9300 / +82-2-757-4677
· Address: 19F, 98, Huam-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04637, Korea (Head Office)
· Contact Person: Mr. Suntae Hwang (Manager/Global Business Team)

Company Profile
DONGWHA PHARM, the first established pharmaceutical company in Korea founded in 1897, has been engaged in development, production, distribution and marketing of ethical drugs including solid dosage formulations and sterile injectables, APIs, over-the-counter drugs, food supplements, healthcare products, and cosmetics. With a goal to become a global hub for drug development, DONGWHA Research Institute has also provided the foundation for development of high quality medicines and innovative NCE, such as Zabofloxacin. DONGWHA PHARM has been in the business of good health and wellness across three centuries building up a wide range of quality brands to improve the quality of life. One of the representative products, Whal Myung Su, the Nation’s first medicine meaning ‘life-saving water’, has been regarded as the nation’s favorite digestive medicine for over a century. Since its creation, it is the leading local digestive medicine in Korea.