Hangzhou Zhenrui Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Address:Room 611, South Block, Lingjun World, 10th Chaowang Road, Xiacheng Area
ZIP and City:310014, Hangzhou
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    Name:Francis Ma

Company Description:
Hangzhou Zhenrui Chemicals Co. Ltd. (Zenitech) was founded in Hangzhou, a famous Xizi lakeside city, covering medicine, dyes, biology, surfactants and chemical intermediates. Committed to the formation of superior chemical, pharmaceutical and other supply chain systems, explore foreign markets, seek international market opportunities. Strengthen the international market circulation of chemicals, form a multi-channel, recyclable production and marketing system. In line with responsible, trustworthy, struggle, hard work spirit and style of work to provide quality service and supply chain system for customers at home and abroad.


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