5-Fluoro Uracil


Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.

Address:205,sigma prime complex,near sardar statue
Vallabh Vidhyanagr,Anand-388120
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    Name:Pratima Makwana
    Phone:+91 2692238849

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At Infinium Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd., we are well focused to Iodine chemistry & this is the only core area of ours. We are working as CRAMS, but our domain is very restricted to Iodine chemistry & it revolves around Iodine derivatives or Iodination. We manufacture & supply wide range of superior quality Iodine Derivatives & API Since 2003.<br />
We are also providing fully integrated customized services from R & D to Commercial scale manufacturing and packaging for our products to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical,Nutraceutical, Specialty Chemicals & various other chemical Industries. We supply range of Iodine derivatives on Order to Made basis only. However, we keep in ready stock many of well demanded products.
Infinium always welcomes any specific customization enquiry with respect to quality specification/s, packing, labeling, testing (MOA) & analysis &/OR shipment schedule. Our
Potassium iodide-IP, 99-100.5%
Potassium iodide-BP, 99-100.5%
Potassium iodide-USP, 99-100.5%
Potassium iodate-BP, 99-101%
Sodium iodide-BP, 99.5-100.5%
Sodium iodide-USP, 99.0-101.5%
Sodium iodide-EP, 99.0-100.5%
Povidone iodine-IP, 9-12%
Iodinated povidone-BP, 9-12%
Povidone Iodine-USP, 9-12%
Isopropamide iodide
Pralidoxime iodide
Thymol iodide

Website : http://www.infiniumpharmachem.com

5-Fluoro Uracil

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