Methylene Blue


MIKROCHEM spol. s r.o.

Address:Za drahou 33
ZIP and City:90201
Sales Contact: 
    Name:Stefano Pellegrini
    Phone:+421 944 307762

Company Description:
Mikrochem is a pharmaceutical and chemical company with over 30 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing of APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), pharmaceutical intermediates, human and veterinary FDFs (Final dosage forms) and speciality chemical.
The company is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and STN EN ISO 9001:2016 certified.

Mikrochem itself, as well as through its partnerships, produces APIs with the highest level of compliance, controlled and approved by major regulatory authorities (FDA, EDQM, etc.). Our scientific experiences are able to assist your development or production activities in:
-research and development,
- production of laboratory batches,
- scale up,
- production of validation batches (including process validation, purification validation),
- compilation of registration dossiers.
Technical possibilities:
• common organic reactions, temperature range -20 °C to+135 °C and pressure up to 6 bar
• stainless steel batch reactors 400-1600 liters, glass-lined batch reactors 50-3800 litres,
glass batch reactors 1-100 liters
• dedicated and multipurpose production lines
• molecular distillation up to 5 Pa
• kilo-lab
• filling line for liquids (30 ml – 1000 ml ) operating in clean room D
• HVAC system (clean rooms class D), PW system (PhEur, USP)
Routine operation :
- epimerization of sugars
- additive-elimination reaction
- substitute nucleophilic and electrophilic reaction
- N-alkylation
- reduction of ketones and carboxylic acids with hydrazine
- heterocycle formation
- esterification
- hydrolysis
- peptide bond formation
- ion-exchange
- methylation (etherification)
- organic salt formation
- bromination

Methylene Blue

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