Nortec Quimica

Address:Rua Dezessete Nº 200, A.B.C.D Distrito Mantiquira
Duque de Caxias - Rio de Janeiro
ZIP and City:25250-612
Sales Contact: 
    Name:Guilherme Kreischer

Company Description:
NORTEC QUIMICA is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturer producing Active Molecules for 35 years to the Pharmaceutical Industry of Brand Medicines (reference), generic and similar, located at Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil .

We are recognized as the major Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturer in Latin America, with 5 independent industrial synthesis plants. Also our plants are totally in accordance with the demands of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our company is considered triple A at D&B and 20% of our shares are owned by Brazilian Development Bank. We have been concentrating our business as an outsourcing manufacturer of APIs, without any foreigner integration with dosage/formulation business.

Furthermore, we are supplying more than 300 customers, worldwide within 30 countries.

NORTEC QUIMICA is regularly inspected by National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), EU and also by multinational customers which have granted us their recognition for our major quality and commitment.