Rochem International, Inc.

Address:45 Rasons Ct.
ZIP and City:Hauppauge
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    Name:Charles Dods

Company Description:
Founded in the U.S. in 1994 by a woman of Chinese origin, Rochem International is today a global leader in developing, sourcing and supplying APIs and specialty ingredients, made in China, to some of the world’s largest Human Health, Animal Health & Nutritional companies in regulated markets.
We are strong where it counts most. We bring to our customers new sourcing solutions owing to our 25 year-built supply chain and our unrivaled regulatory and compliance department that assists in product development, auditing, DMF filing and technical support.
Our international team encompasses a vast and diverse background and this collective experience helps us in bringing value-added and tailored solutions, managing and mitigating all the risks and ensure a fast turnaround for your own filing.


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All product listed which is covered under current patents is available only for use reasonably related to the development and submission of information to the related Health Authorities (including the US FDA) to the extent permitted under applicable laws regulating the manufacture use and sales of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and/or their intermediates.