Buprenorphine HCl


Temad Co.

Address:28 th Km. of Karaj Makhsous Road
ZIP and City:Tehran
Sales Contact: 
    Name:Samira Azizi
    Phone:+098 026 36100 801-10

Company Description:
Temad Company, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, is as one of leading manufacturers and exporters of qualified pharmaceutical APIs , Intermediate as Opioid Analgesic (www.temad.com).
We are also ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17025 and Iran Food and Drug Administration , GMP.
Temad best seller APIs and Intermediate products are as follow :
1. Codeine Base
2. Codeine Phosphate
3. Methadone HCL
4. Morphine Sulphate
5. Morphine HCL
6. Opium Tincture
7. Oxycodone HCL
8. Oxymorphone HCL
9. Pholcodeine
10. Bupreonorphine HCL
11. Noscapine Base/Crude
12. PapaverineHCL/Crude
13. Naltroxane HCL
14. Thebaine
15. Paracetamol Powder/DC