Histamine DiHCl


Alven Laboratories

Address:Slechtitelu 813/21
ZIP and City:77 900 Olomouc
Country:Czech Republic
Sales Contact: 
    Name:Tomas Branecky

Company Description:
Alven Laboratories is an innovative pharmaceutical company, focusing on R&D and production of original and generic cGMP Active Pharma Ingredients, and, operating a new, state-of-the-art cGMP certified API manufacturing facility.
Alven Laboratories is the fastest-growing Central European API producer, that is commensurate with a number of original and generic GMP certified APIs since 2015.
Alven is a standout in deep understanding of market trends as well as in commitment and passion for solving clients´ challenges and needs. All this is combined with efficient processes in development, production, QA/QC and regulatory affairs. By a competent assistance provided by our research, production and sales colleagues, analytical & regulatory capabilities and timely deliveries at competitive prices, Alven Laboratories has become a preferred API Partner.

Histamine DiHCl

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